Hieron Patrimônio Familiar e Investimento is a company born from the dream of two financial and capital market executives – Robert van Dijk and Reinaldo H. Lacerda – both with over 35 years of experience in the local and international markets.

A company dedicated to wealth management, focused on the ongoing search for the best financial and investment solutions and driven by a commitment to best serve the client.

Hieron is a Brazilian private group with global presence.  Through its partners, the company has offices and representations in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte,  London (UK), Geneva (Switzerland) and Dubai (UAE).

As it has no ties to any financial institution, operates independently, which ensures exemption and impartiality.


Hieron is a word of Greek origin, which means “temple”, a sacred place of protection. In Latin, Hieron is a proper name, and its meaning relates to personality characteristics such as: integrity, reliability, fairness, dedication, and problem solver.

Base of Operations

Focusing on Family Office and Asset Management activities, its principles are based on the following pillars:

Holistic View
Assist families with excellence and proximity in order to preserve and give meaning to their heritage. In other words, to provide the achievements a broader meaning tied to their beliefs and values

Impartial performance, not tied to any financial institution;

Experienced and technical team
Knowledge accumulated over 30 years of experience of its partners in the Financial and Capital markets, in Brazil and abroad.

Close and lasting relationships
Established from trust, commitment and transparency.

Global Operations
Through its partners with offices in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, London (UK), Geneva (Switzerland) and Dubai (UAE).

Unique, set with the client and registered in a contract. Any and all commissions from third-parties to the client will be reimbursed.


The purpose of Hieron Patrimônio Familiar e Investimento is based on a holistic standpoint:  Serving families with excellence and proximity, with a view to preserving and giving meaning to their heritage (Hieron Family Office) and seeking and structuring solutions in the financial and capital markets, in particular to translate real economy opportunities into products and businesses (Hieron Asset Management)